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The name "Lestage" is thought to be the name of the family which owned the land in the 15th century. The estate developed mainly in the 19th century thanks to the Saint Guirons family which owned it until 1925. The family also owned Château Clarke, a property neighbouring Lestage, and Château Grand Puy Lacoste, a 5th Classified Growth of Pauillac listed in 1855. The Saint Guirons family was very dynamic and extremely keen on winemaking. They extended the estate and developed the quality and renown of the wine. In 1870, they built the Château in the typical architectural style of the Napoleon III period.

Subsequently, several families owned the estate during the war and times of crisis, until the arrival of our grandfather, Marcel Chanfreau, who bought the estate in 1963. Today, the family heritage lives on through his grandchildren. Classified as a Cru Bourgeois Supérieur in 1932, then in 2003, the wine of Château Lestage was certified as a Cru Bourgeois in 2010 for its 2008 vintage.